5 Monthly Payments of $2,000 USD


The Thinking Into Results® Program is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset become a part of each individual's thinking, actions and results and translate into an exceptional return on investment for you. Acclaimed teacher and legendary success expert Bob Proctor, his business partner and CEO Sandy Gallagher, and Thinking Into Results Certified Success Coach Sandy Rutherford will guide you through this innovative personal development and life leadership program. 

The comprehensive program and targeted curriculum includes: 

Lesson 1: Desire - the Starting Point of all Achievement 

Lesson 2: The Knowing-Doing Gap 

Lesson 3: Paradigm Shift 

Lesson 4: How Thoughts Lead to Results 

Lesson 5: Responding not Reacting 

Lesson 6: Alignment of Self-Image 

Lesson 7: Outwitting Doubts, Fears and Procrastination 

Lesson 8: Un-limiting Beliefs

Lesson 9: The Power of Attitude 

Lesson 10: Leadership Starts with You 

Lesson 11: Creating Consistent Positive Energy 

Lesson 12: Magnifying and Leveraging the Mind 

Your Unstoppable Success System includes: 

  1. Twelve (12) Video-based Lessons from Bob Proctor (Digital) 
  2. A Comprehensive Participant’s Guide 
  3. Weekly Lesson Webinars
  4. Group coaching with Sandy Rutherford 
  5. 10-week Self-Image of Your Dreams Program 
  6. Monthly One-on-one Goal Strategy Calls 
  7.  Goal Achiever’s Forum program

Total Fee for the Unstoppable Success System is $8,900 USD (when paid in full) OR $10,000 USD (when opting for equal payments of $2,000 USD per month, for 5 consecutive months). 

The service provided to the CLIENT is as per the Program outlined above. All information provided by the CLIENT will be kept strictly confidential. 

The CLIENT understands that coaching is not advice, psychotherapy or counseling and those professional referrals will be given if needed. The CLIENT enters into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. 

The CLIENT(s) agrees to the following: 

  1. To attend all appointments and calls on time. If you know you will be late, call or email ahead of the agreed upon start time to advise. If you must miss a scheduled one-on-one session, 48-hour notice is required to reschedule. 
  2. Be honest and participate fully. Recognize that the coaching sessions are a confidential way to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen. 
  3. Make a commitment to completing all of your assignments and to the action plans you create, and do what you have agreed to do. 
  4. Coaching and Program fees are collected before beginning the coaching/ facilitation program. There are No Refunds. Due to the nature of the Program you cannot receive a refund for the Program or any component event regardless of whether you participate in the Program or attend the events or not. All funds will be deemed earned upon activation and access to the Program for the CLIENT. 

The CLIENT agrees and checks the agreement box as their signature on this Agreement, which thereby indicates compliance with the above Terms and Conditions, and understanding of the services provided. 

[I offer my signature as a checkbox indicating I am in full agreement with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.]



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Unstoppable Success System 5 Monthly Payments of $2,000 USD


The Unstoppable Success System: a 6 month program

Thinking Into Results® Program with Lifetime access to the 12-lesson Success System taught by Bob Proctor

✓ Recorded lesson facilitations providing step-by-step guidance and deeper insights into the lesson concepts

Self-Image of Your Dreams intensive program with Lifetime access

Goal Achiever’s Forum program with Lifetime access

✓ Weekly Client Workshop

✓ Weekday Study Club

✓ Monthly One-on-one Goal Strategy Calls

✓ Weekly Masterminding and accountability

✓ Weekly Open Office Hours for individual guidance

✓ Client Private Community