Navigating the "High C's" to Success

By Sandy Rutherford

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Learn exactly how success works in this Webinar and find an easier path to achieving your dream goals. Success is a process, an exact science with certain things that must be done in a certain order. You can expect to experience faster paths to successful chapters, personally and professionally, by following this process.


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Entrepreneur and Founder of Inspired Destinies, Sandy Rutherford, is excited to announce the launch of her first book on October 25, 2022, “Navigating the "High C's to Success, An 8-Step Charted Course to Extraordinary Achievement.” Rutherford has brought together the key concepts taught by so many of the great teachers and laid them out in a strategic order. There are 8 concepts, all beginning with the letter "C", hence the name “Navigating the "High C's" to Success”. This powerful book has been endorsed by some of the top names in the personal development industry.

The latest buzz on the book:

“Sandy Rutherford’s book gives you the behavioural geography for exceptional achievement. She provides piercing insights, helpful self-assessments, and straightforward exercises for pursuing the bigger, better you that lies inside. Her coaching goes to the core principles for extraordinary success. Buy this inspiring book, live it, and realize your amazing potential.”

Price Pritchett PhD
Bestselling Author,

“If your desire is to be successful, study success.  This is precisely what the author Sandy Rutherford has done.  She has creatively pulled together some of the most valuable success lessons you will ever have the pleasure of discovering.  Follow her guidance and you will consistently create your desirable results time and time again.”


Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author


Diving Deeper into the "High C's"

There are 8 key concepts to learn and apply in order. Doing so will not only raise your energy and productivity, it will allow you to smoothly reach the height of your dream goals.


Connection with your inner spirit and with Universal Spirit will get you out of Little Me and into Big Me where quantum leap successes become the norm.


Creativity is where your future success starts – tapping into your creativity will set you on a whole new course consistent with your dreams. The creative vibe is a powerful vibe.

"Clarity of Desire"

Clarity of Desire focuses your energy and effort in the most effective and productive way possible, allowing your powerful mind to go to work plotting the course, and avoiding the pitfalls of your sails flapping in the wind.


Conditioning of your subconscious by uploading new self-image and beliefs programming which aligns with the success you desire, and that will support and enable your journey. With this new programming, you will not be self sabotaging, you will not be working against yourself and floating adrift in the “never-never land” of falling short of your goals.


Commitment is your game changer. It will accelerate your journey and raise you up to a whole new level of thinking and inspired action.


Consistency will smooth out your journey, minimizing obstacles and challenges.


Collaboration allows you to stay in your newly created programming and a more productive vibe for much longer, and get much more accomplished.


Celebration will wrap you in a whole new way of looking at your journey as a powerfully positive and inspiring one which will immediately affect your energy, productivity, and results.

“If you haven’t yet achieved the success you desire, read this book. Sandy provides a blueprint for transforming our sabotaging self-talk and busting through barriers. She has courageously lived the words she has written in this book. With her passionate, supportive, genuine, and caring nature, she has successfully coached many others, including myself. Sandy opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of life, and she will do the same for you.”

Michelle Morath, DN, Doctor of Naprapathy, Entrepreneur