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Are you ready to dig into life-changing material with top tier guidance and a community to support you along the way?

Step into your inspired destiny

No matter whether you have just made cameo appearances in your life, played the understudy rather than the starring role, or are already the consummate performer, your Inspired Destinies journey is designed to help you take centre stage for a long, long run! 

Each of our programs is an entry point depending on your circumstances, so we’ve got you covered. If you have no idea what you want to create in this next chapter of your life story then start with the Goal Achiever’s Forum. If you are brand new to this exciting and energizing personal journey, and want to understand how success works, then test us out with our FASTPATH to Success or Success Club. If you are well established or hungry for success and need the support, guidance and accountability to break through to the next level, the Unstoppable Success System is for you.

We’ll meet you where you’re at but make no mistake, if you give us the time, we’ll immerse you in a supported journey of discovery that will accelerate your own inspired destinies.

Step into the spotlight.

Our Programs

FASTPATH to Success

Ready to take centre stage in your life success but don’t know how? Or perhaps you have had moderate success but would love that quantum leap breakthrough? The FASTPATH to Success is a proven online training program for accelerating success and will open your eyes to how success works. This is the program that will ignite your desire and start you on your journey to an inspired destiny.

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Goal Achiever's Forum

Not sure what success you should go after or how big you should really dream? Join us on the Goal Achiever’s Forum - a deep dive into what dream goal creation is all about and why it is so vital to your life success.

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Self-Image Of Your Dreams

Do you have big dreams and can even taste the success you desire but don’t see yourself able to achieve it? Do you doubt your talent and capabilities even though you know we all have unlimited potential? Then this program is for you and it will change your life dramatically. Why? Because this inspiring and positively charged program will change the way you see yourself and you will confidently start seeing yourself in the lead role enjoying standing ovations.

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Unstoppable Success System

This program is for you if you are ready to take centre stage and you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own. It’s for you if you are hungry for quantum leap success and now want the support, guidance and accountability that has been missing in your life. If you are ready for an incredible experience, an immersion into the most powerful material in the world, that includes all of the above, then join us in the Unstoppable! The ensemble cast is incredible and the direction second to none!

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Success Club 

Not ready for a bigger personal development investment? Looking for a little bit of guidance and material to work with to get a shift going and get some new results happening? Then come test the waters with us right here. You can exit stage right any time.

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Alumni Mentorship

Just because you have completed the lessons and modules of Thinking Into Results does not mean the work is done.

Success is a life-long journey. Just as in health, your mindset and level of success requires development and maintenance. You must show up consistently with intentions. Keep your mindset and success where you need it to be with our Alumni Mentorship Program.

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We offer workshops on mindset, goals, self-image and achieving the life you desire that compliment our signature programs. Our customized workshops can improve specific areas of your team or organization, and grow not just you but those around you.


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The concept of "Mastermind" is credited to Napoleon Hill in documenting the rise of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, who rose from poverty to be the richest man in the world at the time. Carnegie said his business was ruled by a "master mind" which he defined as "the sum total of all these minds that I have gathered around me".  He credited the master mind principle as the #1 key to his success. Today, you can join other influential leaders who credit their participation in a Mastermind as the reason for their continued success.

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