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Sandy Rutherford

Success Mindset Coach
Founder, Inspired Destinies & Unstoppable Success System

Sandy believes that everyone is capable of consistent extraordinary success. Alongside her growing team, she is on a mission to coach entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide to take centre stage in their lives and accelerate their success by getting clear on their destinies, aligning their self-image, and taking inspired action to become unstoppable. 

Her versatile professional chapters include stints in Health Care, Show Business, Multinational Corporate Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Taught and mentored by Bob Proctor, Sandy uses her global coaching practice and life-changing programs to show people how to step into their inspired destinies.

More About Sandy

Sharon Mefford

Success Advisor & Chief High Vibe Officer

Sharon, a “retired” educator, with both a teaching degree and a Masters in Exercise and Sport Studies, has taught and coached from elementary to post-high school levels. It was during a coaching session with Sandy that Sharon discovered her sweet spot which is assisting others with their health (mind, body, spirit). Her overall goal is to be as disciplined as Bob Proctor. 

With Sandy's mentoring, Sharon has been continuously evolving into her best self, resulting in growth in all her ventures, including an online marketplace, garden towers and health & wellness coaching. Her experience in assisting others to thrive, her passion for community, health & wellness makes a great match for her role as a Success Advisor.

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