The Self-Image Of Your Dreams

Create the Self-Image that aligns with success

Self-Image sets your boundaries, personally and professionally.

Self-Image is your biggest asset AND your biggest block.

Raising your Self-Image so that it aligns and supports your dream goals is the single biggest accelerator to the success you desire.

Once you start to feel the power of a more positively aligned Self-Image, your confidence & self-esteem go up, your overall energy & ability to take action increases as well.

See how much is hinging on your Self-Image?

This game-changing program is intense & uplifting and requires you to “get your head & heart in the game". No watching from the sidelines, no dabbling in this material. You’re all in or not at all!

I Want the Self-Image of My Dreams

You can’t outperform your Self-Image.

So regardless of how badly you want something in your life, or how much you know you should be able to achieve it, you will only go as far as your Self-Image allows.

So who do you believe you are?

The Details


Create Your Dream Goal

Get clear on what it is that you REALLY want! In this module you get clarity on your dream goal and learn why it's imperative to build up your Self-Image in support of your dream goal.


Embrace Your Potential

You are a GOLD MINE of talent & giftedness! In this module you understand how much talent & capability lies within you and how to showcase that talent.



Release those anchors! It is impossible to raise your vibration to achieve dream goals if you are anchored in resentment or lack of forgiveness. In this module you understand what truly letting go and forgiving looks & feels like and make it happen.


Self-Image Creation

Align your Self-Image with your dreams! When your Self-Image is aligned with your dream goals, you are unstoppable! In this module you build the elements of a powerful Self-Image and brainstorm the type of Self-Image required to achieve your dreams.


Your Power Life Story

You have a powerful life story to tell! In this module you create your Power Life Story, which weaves in your Self-Image, guided by the uplifting work you have done to date and looking into the future.


Lock in Your Self-Image

Wear your new Self-Image with pride! You don't want to revert back to limiting negative thoughts & ideas. Fully embrace your new Self-Image & wear it like a new coat you refuse to take-off! In this module you anchor in your new Self-Image with powerful and uplifting work.

I Want to Boost My Self-Image


Do this work diligently and as outlined and you will see a huge shift in your self confidence and a rise in your vibration. You will feel way better about yourself and importantly you have begun the process of permanent change in your Self-Image – an absolutely critical step towards achieving the success that lies within your reach RIGHT NOW!

It’s the best investment of your life and the returns are always stunning!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"For those of you who do not know, I am a huge personal development fan and will always be a lifelong learner. When Sandy announced that she was offering a self image course, I jumped at the chance to enroll. I have nothing but good things to say about the course content, the professionalism, hands on involvement and my positive results from the course.

They were so involved, which as amazing and really helpful. I had weekly coaching calls where we discussed the course content and exercises, which were fun and super effective. I already had a good self image, but a few of the exercises completely took it to the next level and supercharged my clarity on who I want to be and what I can accomplish in my life moving forward. If you or anyone you know needs clarity in their life, do not hesitate to call Sandy.

I enjoyed her self image course so much that I enrolled in her other course, The Unstoppable Success System. I highly recommend Sandy and her team! Thank you Sandy!"

- Karen Di Monte, Lawyer/Partner, Di Monte & Di Monte LLP

"I did the Self Image of Your Dreams course about a year ago. It has changed my whole world and the folks around me!

I was in a rut, not feeling well and did not know what I wanted to do. A friend suggested that I sign up for the Self Image of Your Dreams course as it had helped her immensely. I am now getting up earlier, grateful for a new day, and love meeting new folks and talking with them. I now have a passion for life and I feel like it is a new beginning.

Most of all I love seeing how this program helped my two grandchildren, as I have given them parts of what I learned. They worked on the “I AM Worthy statements” with me. I have noticed they are more positive with themselves and our family. In fact, their parents are more positive. I think this is a ripple effect."

- Neena Witte, Self-Image Facilitator for Young People and Families


I love this course!!!

It has made such a difference in my life!!!

It brought me to a point where I could give myself permission to truly LOVE my amazing self!! I could go on and on but just know you don’t want to miss out on this!!!!

Loving this program!!! Immersing myself daily!! Awakening to my me(ness). Still so much to realize and absorb. Your webinars are full of information to soak in and make life changes.

My chest feels like it could burst with emotion!!"

- Debbie Allen, Health & Wellness Entrepreneur and Mentor

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