self-image Jul 25, 2022

Did you know that your self-image, the one buried deep in the recesses of your sub-conscious, not the one you see in the mirror, is your biggest asset? And did you know it is also your biggest block because so much of what you believe about yourself is limiting or false?

Your self-image was formed right out of the gate as a little one as you imitated your parents and family members – their words, gestures, mannerisms, beliefs. You were rewarded or punished for whether your behaviours aligned with those who oversaw and influenced your upbringing.

As you grew up, you had constant messaging from parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, coaches, religious and community leaders about what you should and shouldn’t do, and what you were good and not good at. This was all other people’s opinions, not truths! Importantly, they have no relevance now because they were based on a moment in time in the past.

So the past has no bearing on the future unless you let it!

And you let it! We all do – and we must learn not to!

But here’s the thing. That foundation we have about ourselves is exactly that – a foundation. It’s like bedrock. And it is from this foundation from which we extrapolate and make up stuff about ourselves – thinking it’s based in some accurate assessment about ourselves (again because of some opinion including our own but long ago), but it’s CRAP!

You are capable of so much – of anything you truly desire. The issue is clarifying what you want and deciding to go for it. If you get clear and commit, YOU ARE CAPABLE! Because we don’t get any desire in our hearts that we’re not capable of achieving!

So DON’T make S#!*T up about yourself, and how things are probably to go! STOP IT!

Because it is total CRAP!

The more you understand about yourself, the incredible talent and capability that sits within you now, and the more you understand how success works – that it starts with clarifying desire, committing to going after it with no excuses, and aligning your self-image and beliefs, you will understand that the crap you are making up about your own limitations is just that. CRAP!

And yet it is what holds you back. Those false assumptions about yourself.

If you have a choice, and you do, whether to believe in yourself and your ability of achieving big dreams, or to hang on to old and false beliefs that you are stuck and incapable of achieving much higher levels of success, why would you EVER choose the former?

Because it’s familiar – that’s what you are USED TO thinking about yourself.


It’s old! And it’s invalid! And it’s holding you back!! You are making stuff up about yourself that is totally false – I don’t care what’s happened in the past or who told you what, when!

Again, and this bears repeating, the past has no bearing on your future unless you let it! DON’T LET IT!

Make a decision RIGHT NOW that you are embracing all of who you are and your unlimited gifts and talents, and you are going to use those, lean on those, leverage those now to create the dreams that are within your reach right now.

What a great DECISION!

And that’s NOT making s#!*t up!


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