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success May 12, 2020


You Were Engineered for Success!

Isn’t that FANTASTIC news?

Doesn’t that make you want to go out and tackle the very things you’ve been putting off because you doubted yourself and your abilities?

I am serious – you were not designed to fail at all, you were designed perfectly with the instincts to succeed. You just don’t listen to or pay attention to those instincts!


I think that is the most uplifting personal insight! Let’s explore this!

In his fabulous book Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz explains the science behind the fact that we are truly designed to succeed.

“Every living thing has a built-in guidance system or goal-striving device to help it achieve its goal – which is, in broad terms, “to live”. This simply means physical survival for both the individual and the species.”

So we learned this growing up – that animals have a survival instinct – a built-in mechanism focused on finding food and shelter, avoiding dangers, and procreation to ensure survival of the species. It must be that way or the species would not survive. Their survival instincts are also called “Success Instincts”. They were indeed engineered for success!

We never questioned that – it just made sense.  Animals were so perfectly designed that they have a built-in instinct, a success mechanism, to survive. That means they don’t even have to think about it, even if they could – it all happens by habit.


Dr. Maltz then explores how humans are also engineered for success. And that’s something we have not been taught to focus on, but oh man! is this a powerful truth to embrace!

He states “In man, the goal “to live” means more than mere survival. For an animal “to live” simply means that certain physical needs must be met. Man has certain emotional and spiritual needs that animals do not have. Consequently, for man “to live” encompasses more than physical survival and procreation of the species. It requires certain emotional and spiritual satisfaction as well”.

OK so think about this because this is really cool! Man exists on 3 planes – the spiritual, the intellectual/emotional, and the physical. If Man did not have survival/success instincts built-in on all 3 planes, we would have died out as a species long ago. Again, we do more than just exist on the physical plane.

So what does this mean? Well, the spiritual plane is all about your authentic self, the gifts and desires deep down that are hard-wired into your being just the same as your lungs are given their blueprint to breathe, and your eyes are given their blueprint to see. Your gifts and talents are within you now, RIGHT NOW! Listen to your spirit, to that inner voice and discover your purpose and what you truly desire.

It’s speaking to you – YOU’RE JUST NOT LISTENING!

Listen to that inner voice, to your spirit, and follow your heart’s desire.

TRUST YOUR SPIRITUAL INSTINCTS! Your desires. They are hardwired for you to succeed or you wouldn’t have them. You are spiritually perfect! The imperfections in your life are a result of your programming and conditioning that is at odds with your desires.

You were designed to succeed, and you need to trust your instincts on all levels. The problem is we are trained to play it safe, and conform to norms, so we most often do not give any attention to our desires. We don’t tend to give ourselves permission to go there.

That is the worst thing you can do – NOT listen to your spirit, your desires, your giftedness. Why? Because more often than not many of the paths you are choosing in life are not aligned with the internal desires – with your spiritual side. Some are of course, but some are not. And that creates an internal discord, a frustration, a dissatisfaction that plays out with how you treat others, and how you treat yourself!

“Man’s built-in Success Mechanism is much more marvelous and much more complex than that of any animal. In addition to helping man avoid dangers, as well as the sexual instinct to procreate, which helps keep the race alive, the Success Mechanism in man can help him get answers to problems, invent, write poetry, run a business, explore new horizons in science, attain peace of mind, develop a better personality, or achieve success in any area they truly desire – to do anything that is intimately tied to his “living” or makes for a fuller life.”

You are engineered for success – on all three planes. Your spiritual, intellectual/emotional, and physical instincts all play a part in your success. Trust your spiritual instincts – listen to them first, understand them, and then trust them. All success begins with desire, and your desires are your spirit. Start there – trust your Spiritual Success Instincts. That will play out for you intellectually and emotionally, and then in your physical world.

“Most people are not going after what they want, even some of the most serious goal seeks and goal setters. They are only going after what they think they can get.” Bob Proctor

Pay attention to your desires, TRUST your spiritual success instincts!


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